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Tips for Choosing Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

When some of the bridesmaids are plus-sized, it is equally important to make sure that they are comfortable in their bridesmaid dresses. If you are looking for dresses for your full-figured bridesmaids then you need to pick the right styles that will help them stay comfortable and look charming. Here are tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses for plus size women:

Step 1:

Choose a dress that flatters. Find a dress that look flattering on your plus size bridesmaids is very important. It is a good idea to select a dress style with a shawl or has sleeves of some sort. Full figured women usually are not willing to show their arms(if you are getting married in summer, opt for dresses designed with cap sleeves). Choose empire waist dresses and styles with A line skirts are perfect for full figured bridesmaids. When it comes to choosing the length, the ideal hem for most plus size women is right below the knees, which creates a longer, leaner look. Your full figured bridesmaids will be thankful if you choose dresses with belt, sash or other details that can take attention away from their their bad body parts.

Step 2:

Consider fabrics. Before you look at the styles in plus size bridesmaid dresses, here are the details of fabrics that you must opt for. Fabrics play a major role in the pattern of a dress and the way it fits on your body. Fabrics like lace, chiffon, silk, georgette and sheath satin are lovely picks for fuller figures.

Step 3:

Go with variety. If not all of your bridesmaids are a plus size, you can pick the dresses versions. As with any other dress, there are certain features and details that accentuate a woman’s unique figure. Giving each of your bridesmaids the option to choose what style of dress to wear gives her the opportunity to feel the most comfortable and confident on your wedding day. As soon as choosing good colors, try to avoid dazzling colors like green, scorching green together with orange.

Step 4:

Select simple bridesmaid dress styles. Dresses with complex designs or busy patterns make a plus size woman appear bigger. When picking the right colors, stay away from bright shades like yellow, hot pink and orange.

bridesmaid dresses for plus size women

Step 5:

If you’re really having difficulty finding a dress for your plus size bridesmaids, one increasingly popular alternative is to tell give them the color they need to match so that they can select a dress that they like instead. You can refer them to a particular store or give them other specific parameters if you want to have some measure of uniformity to your entourage’s appearance.

What You Need to Know

  • Shop early and look for several options before picking a dress for plus sized bridesmaids. You’ll need extra time for alterations.
  • The size and selection of the dress shouldn’t be based on any one body type. Go with variety in the absence of a good option.
  • Bridal shops and online stores that specialize in larger sizes are going to be your best bet for finding plus size bridesmaid dresses that are stylish and modern.
  • Choose darker colors for your bridesmaids to wear. This will allow plus size bridesmaid to feel more comfortable as darker colors tend to give more of a slimming appearance.
  • If a bridesmaid doesn’t feel comfortable in her bridesmaid dress, offer to go shopping with her for shape wear, which can smooth out any figure (not just plus size).
Spring Wedding Inspiration: Spring Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Flowers are an important part of wedding decor. Flower bouquets table centerpiece, chairs, arches, aisles and even the bridal bouquet. There are differnet kinds of flowers to choose when it comes to decorating for a wedding held in the spring. Some popular blooms used in the spring are calla lilies, tulips, peonies, and of course roses. Colors used in a spring wedding range from pastel colors to vibrant tones.

Here are some gorgeous spring bridal bouquet ideas trends for Spring wedding:

Seasonal Flowers

One of the most common Spring wedding bouquets is that of seasonal flowers selection. Many flowers are in season during the spring, including tulips, calla lilies, tulips, hyacinths and peonies of the valleys. Daisies, orchids, irises, freesia and pink lavender are other common choices. If you want to use unique seasonal flowers in your bouquet, spider lavender, flaming parrot tulips, bi-color lilies and cream and hot pink daisies are choices that are sure to gain your guests’ attention.

Seasonal Flowers for Spring Wedding

Pastel Bouquets

A light pastel floral palette is feminine, understated yet elegant and quite tied into the spring colors. The palette would include different shades of pinks, white, gray, and even a little yellow and green. The colors are perfect spring bridal bouquet. Try adding different flowers like anemones, with its dramatic black eye center surrounded by a bevy of white petals. It adds something bold to the look of an all-pastel delicate bouquet.

perfect spring bridal pastel bouquet


A loose bouquet of wildflowers seems like something simple but it’s still a very beautiful choice for a bouquet especially for a rustic or bohemian themed wedding. A bouquet of wildflowers should look like it was picked straight from the ground and put together without a thought or design to it. Imagine yourself walking in a meadow picking flowers and tying them together with a piece or ribbon or twine, that’s the feeling or look one tries to embody when creating a bridal bouquet of wildflowers.

bridal bouquet of wildflowers

Pop of Color

Spring is when the flowers bloom with life. A bright, bold colorful bridal bouquet may just be the thing to take your wedding ensemble to the next level. Choose colors from your wedding decor palette or go all out with bright pinks, yellows, greens, orange and red.

Spring Pop of Color Bridal Bouquets

White Bouquets

An all white bouquet is a true classic and compliments a bride very well without overshadowing her at all. All according to you like: white irises, larkspur, gardenias and white hyacinths are popular choices, as are white roses. Other white flowers include ivory oriental lilies, off-white calla lilies and white Gerber daisies. Texture is important in a bouquet that is the same color, so play with different types of flowers and fillers to get the perfect bouquet shape and design.

White Spring Bridal Bouquets

The Spring Blues

The addition of blue flowers in a bridal bouquet is whimsical, fun, and calming which is perfect for a spring wedding bouquet. Blue flowers look fabulous with pink, yellow, white and other color flowers that at first thought wouldn’t seem right if they were placed together.

Spring Blues, Bridal Bouquets